"Gratitude doesn't even begin to describe it. When i stepped into SWEAT Fitness a little over a year ago, I knew nothing except that i needed a lifestyle change and that it had to start with me. Between the two pictures i've lost inches, gained muscle, and found the confidence i've been needing for years. The staff--no, the FAMILY at SWEAT has made my fitness journey encouraging and Fun! If you are thinking of making a lifestyle change, i say go for it. Leave your worries and stress at home and take that first step towards a better you. I'm sure glad i did!"

"Sweat Fitness has honestly changed my life. Several months ago, I made the decision to step into the gym and change some things about my body. Little did I know I was gaining a second home. I truly feel welcome. A huge shout out to the owners and staff, as well as trainer KD Mcduffie. I couldn’t have gotten to this point without their help. If you’re looking for gym that feels more like a home, check out Sweat Fitness! I'm sure glad i did!" -Savannah K.

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